Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Christmas Karaoke in spite of death threats

Once more, dear friends and acquaintences, and those guys out there who keep giving me those death threats, my accomplice who used to be my secretary who has now worked her way up to serious death threats, I just want you all to know that regardless or irregardless those words mean the same thing..look it up, just like flammable and inflammable, my compatriot here thinks that I use words that are more than two syllables, and for that I will not apologize. Altough I will apologize for my risque behavior on some of the Christmas or Xmas karaoke jokey tour which will vindicate me since tonight is the big night where I shall rake my beard off. I do not say scrape, as I am getting uglier every day. I don't need any help. As my female companion would say, you look uglier than usual. Now the nice part about this is that she has no idea what the hell I am going to say next. I also have no idea what the hell she is going to write down. So it's kind of a fifty fifty flip. As much as I care about this blog, I am sorry, I care more about her computer abilities and to tell me what I said when I didn't really say it. She says I can't remember. She just added that on her own. See what I mean. I have one of the world's worst secretaries, companions, and singing partners. So I have to put up with all of it. Is the end in sight? She asked that. He has dozed off into a drunken stupor so I am going to have to finish this blog for him. Yes, I don't know how to get him off the floor. Shut up! He is getting carried away, reading my thoughts but he is close. Finis.

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  1. those aren't jingle bells
    it's the dang phone ringin'
    great fun you two