Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Warning: "Shetland Pony", plays, and plops

Gerry, the washerwoman, introduces my new play, "Shetland Pony" to be shown in a series the next few weeks. I suspect she made up her own lines and threw them in here, but my brilliant dialogue I take credit for as well as the extremely horsy plot.

P.S. At the start of the season it is time for my header drawing of the 3 wise men, homeless style. They are going to lunch at St. Vinnie's --Rick Enjoy!


  1. Those are the saddest looking wise homeless wise men I've ever seen and ask myself, What is Christmas to the homeless?? When will the play begin?

  2. not sure about the
    one in the middle...
    wonder what they
    served at the free lunch