Monday, November 23, 2009

My Wild Child, the Shetland Pony play series (3-4)

Gerry is very sorry she ever told Doc about her horsey background. She tells him she used to read Balzac in the chickencoop and always wanted to get away from that 2 horse town so she could find guys who read French novelists. He just tries to be cute instead of talking to her about literature. She goes down to his apartment hoping to get him to forget about that damned pony.

Doc's snifter is too keen to take his pony down to his apartment, but he reasons that Gerry's olfactory senses are lacking because she has put up with 2 smelly cats she got from the dead guy. He even insists he can smell the dead guy in the shoebox where Gerry keeps his ashes. Gerry listens to his nonsense down in his apartment as he freshens his drink, insisting he is not drunk even though he has had 17 vodka and orange juices that day.

Header photo comes from our friend Connie which I thought fit Doc's play better than anything I could come up with even if it does have Gerry's name on it. Just ignore. I suppose Doc had to give her some kind of kickback for being his secretary-- Rick

Not dictated and not read by Doc. My secretary went crazy again. --Doc

I am tired of listening to him dictate, after it took me 5 hours to embed his stuff yesterday. He has no appreciation. --Gerry


  1. What a story! I am enjoying these arguments about where the Shetland Pony should be...what to do with it? Or without it? I will be interested to hear what happens.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving,Doc/Rick...hope you are not alone...........