Friday, November 20, 2009

Shetland Pony play series begins (1 and 2) GF has a cow when I bring a shetland pony into her apartment!

In number one I ask to rent a mustang at the airport and they give me a shetland pony which I ride to my GF's apartment in the Westward Ho. I take it up to the 9th floor where she lives and when she sees me with a shetland pony she has a cow.

I bring my GF roses but all she can think about is how I am breaking the rules with this little horse in her apartment. Women! They are so afraid. If we men did not show more guts, life would not be nearly so interesting. Agree?


  1. O redwood Christmas tree
    O redwood Christmas tree
    how richly Doc has decked thee

    we like

  2. I love the redwood tree..did you see that article in National Geographic where a whole forest grows in the limbs of redwood trees?
    Amazing...but your christmas tree is unique as is Salemslot9's poem!
    I am enjoying your play.