Sunday, October 18, 2009

Living and breathing playwrights can be a pain

My header is "I feel we have a lot in common. Would you care to dance, my dear?" by Rick


  1. wah wah wah! So write a short play set in your apt... widen up the angle of the camera to get a scene shot... get a few other people to actually ACT it out instead of sitting there just doing a rough reading... and post it!

  2. The problem is, the content of the plays are BORING! Very poor writing and content! Arizona has great playwrights who showcase their work throughout the valley, this writer is not one of them. Time to accept just because one WANTS to be a writer doesn't make them one. You bring life to the otherwise hum drum of the writing. The write has alot to learn. We are innodated with plays that self serve as these. Now you have an INCREDIBLE talent. You are a superb artist! Why not sell your pics at the local Farmers Market? I have shared some pics with other artist and we all agree, you have talent!!! You are the artist of your "duo." The playwright seems jealous, that is why critisizm isn't accepted.

  3. I shared your art with my John
    he's also an artist
    he said
    "I took a look at the Doc paintings and was surprised how nice they are.

    I could see them in a professional gallery environment. His style is consistent and his own."

  4. This "ArtistsFriend" is no friend of mine. I think I recognize her style. I have been put down by her before. She does not have to offer any rational reasons for calling my plays boring and the content poor. She just pronounces that they are! I see no sign of a blog from this person when I check the screen name, but I know from trying to reason with a person very like her on my other Arizona blog on Arizona Central that she does not respond to reason who so ever. She has one purpose, to put me down. It seems to have escaped her notice that Doc is an advanced alcoholic who hardly even paints or draws anything anymore, but I suppose she could blame that on to me, too.

  5. The above comment purported to be by Doc is actually mine, the playwright, who Doc knows well. I was down to Doc's and forgot I clocked in under his name, so now I am back under my own name, so take another look at that Doc comment and thing Gerry, the maligned playwright. Sorry.

  6. hmmm-'artistfriend' is a sort of an enigma..but when it comes down to it this troll is neither an artist nor a friend so this lowlifes' name henceforth is TROLL..Listen up TROLL--'GET A LIFE DUDE-or DUDESS'..I swear people like you are only jealous...we pay you no mind because you have none,LOL....
    Doc -you are talented in your artwork..would be nice if you started back at it again...would love to see what you come up with...and as for Gerry..
    she has talent in the writing area..and she is good at what she does..despite the desolate opinion of the TROLL.........

    You only live what you want...make it one 'hell' of a ride...and stomp on the trolls as you whiz by........