Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bukowski dead can still terrorize and Spiffy homeless guy with tie out of fly

If you look closely you will see the tie hanging out of his fly on this homeless guy I drew. Look at the shoes! Oh the sights I used to see on the streets. I call this drawing "Ta Da!" --Rick


  1. Bukowski was a mean drunk
    after reading your interview
    with him on the other side
    he knew it, too
    I hope that plant was artificial
    otherwise, he killed it
    your son had the munchies
    after smoking weed
    good thing you were
    the designated driver
    there's a big difference
    between this art work
    and the others
    except one other piece I've seen

  2. Cute poem, Salem's Lot, I love it.

  3. I would think she kept the plant dirt to put a little in her coffee every morning. Such are the ramifications of cults of personality... you know you are truly famous when envious Puritans will eat the peanuts out of your shit and smile pearly-wide while pronouncing your name with an apostrophe "s" addended before they swallow. Wheee! I wanna be famous too!

  4. If you were a little more famous, Bill, you would not be so bitter. Gerry

  5. Better to eat dirt than worms, Mr.Bill

  6. Bill, if that is your real name, or just something that you owe, your verbosity reminds me of English 101, and I quote if you can't dazzle them with brilliance then just baffle them with bullshit.