Thursday, October 29, 2009

A heart struggling to survive: my further attempts to cheer up my partner

I painted "A heart struggling to survive" once when I believe I was worried about my heart. It's obvious it wasn't serious since I am still here.

By the way I will be accompanying her to the test and like many times in the past I will pay for her bus fare. I might rent a wheel barrow if she collapses.


  1. we like you, Doc
    we like your heart art, too
    it's alright to laugh
    in the face of danger
    (for moving small loads)

  2. for some people, Life is a disease and booze erases the symptons... emotions are complications and denial is the treatment plan. The metaphor gets extended until one day the patient wakes up cured and gets to go drinking again with Jack or Noel Coward... or interviewed by Gerry, who will be around long enough to nurse other cases... :-]

  3. ROFLMAO....if he sits on you-take a pic..this I wanna see.Doc-you keep making her(and us) laugh it does the heart and mind and body GOOD!!!