Friday, March 12, 2010

Gerry does a hatchet job on Doc

Doc's cryptic saying on his drawing of a hatchet in header photo is "No winner, no loser, no shiit!" What this means we don't know, but it is typical of the master--Rick


  1. What a great painting to go with the video..I was happy to see it didn't have any blood on and the handle looks a bit weak! It did match the video what with that mysterious blot behind that I couldn't see too might be just a little humorous hatchet! I enjoyed this video.

  2. hi Doc!

    my Dad looked
    like Lee Marvin
    as Kid Shelleen
    in his black
    Texas cowboy hat

    if you sit
    at the wrong
    end of the
    couch you get
    the hatchet job

    Gerry likes stroking
    your beard

    from 'OGN' fan