Friday, December 4, 2009

Something thats completely different

One year I was asked by that person to create a new Christmas Tree drawing for her Christmas party. I am not sure she liked the upside down tree but that is what she got-- Rick


  1. Now this was completely different. I enjoyed everyminute of this 'spirit' dialogue.
    Ha! And that upsidedown tree in the background fits!

  2. you're not a JERK,Doc.
    and that's what is so fun about you two,you 'don't' keep to the script.The best jokes are ad-libbed,ya know..
    Gerry -love the way you always brush your bangs as if saying,oh good grief...LOL
    Doc -for someone who drinks too much -you're always awfully sober early in the morning(!!!!)

    Sign Language(((I'm falling off my chair-laughing)))

  3. my John and I think that
    your Christmas tree
    is wonderful, Doc

  4. Hey Gerry OKAY??? She hasn't posted in two days.....

  5. Never mind-I heard from her....