Saturday, September 12, 2009

Under duress and against my psychotherapists advice, I have been cajoled to start a blog

My first name starts with an R, my nickname is Doc (since High School), and since my last name is Emde, it should be obvious why. I sign my art work Rick. Doc is the asshole.
I painted these bettas Siamese Fighting Fish male, among 4 or 5 hundred paintings, some of which are 6 by 10 feet. I left them in a storage unit when I fell on hard times, so if you find one it might be worth some money.
I am going to embed a video from my emdedoc youtube channel I made which was so good I chopped it in two which might further explain the quirks in my personality. (Dictated but not read)


  1. Hi Doc. I love that picture and I am happy to see you get your blog going. 3 days and you are back!

  2. I enjoyed your utube presentation also. Emdedoc is born. I will look forward to more.

  3. I've looked forward to reading something from you since I first heard of you vicariously through Gerri. I've watched and enjoyed many of your videos. I like your personality so much if I ever get to Phoenix, my husband and I want to take you out to eat.
    You have a devoted fan of your work here already.

  4. You missed your calling as a 'sit down' comedian.
    You are more intelligent than you let on.
    I love your blase attitude!!!
    Soo glad you're a blogger now.
    Glad Gerry introduced you the blogspot...

  5. Hey Doc, this walking on water is my favorite!
    Thanks for posting. As you put them on, can you keep saving them so we see a whole passel of pictures? This is so great! Keep posting and I assure you, I will not be your only fan.

  6. I was worried about your posting..I love the new picture. Is this one supposed to be the Westward Ho?? If so, it made me laugh. Certainly true. I guess the video didn't get on yet. I enjoyed your new role as therapist
    in the Video on Gerry's blog. Reality can be a bitter pill!

  7. Where are you? You can still post pictures while you act. I would like to request a high blood sugar one.

  8. Oh Rick... your biggest flaw is that you are a bigot. It will come out as surely as your craven sexism and your alchohol-stunted, anal-retentative need to be idolized by clueless and amusement-famished fans (who must number in the high single-place digits). They fill in the stutters and gaps to what you wheeze out with their own ideas of cleverness and intellect... in this process you merely serve up negative space. As such, you delude yourself that you are profound only by having nuance applied onto your incomplete thinking by the benevolent assumptions your listeners would impute in response to your passive-aggressive coaxing technique. You are an adorable mess... congratulations at 7x years of age for that accomplishment! Wheezing, failing, flailing, bitter and clownish... and embarassing to watch...